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June 10, 2021by shawqey0

Dealing with negative emotions (Osho)

Dealing with negative emotions is stressful. Sometimes it is easier to suppress it within us or not to confront it, yet according to research it has been shown that one of the most common causes of psychological problems is suppression and avoiding negative feelings, as the person does not pay attention to the long-term damage caused by repression against the current feeling of comfort.

“It is important that we experience all human emotions in order to obtain happiness,” says Osho. ”
This can only be done by experiencing negative emotions as well, accepting them, and then working to solve them.
“Happiness is like a tree rising in the sky, sadness is like roots running through the womb of the earth.
We need both of them both. When the tree rises, it strikes its roots deep in the ground at the same time, and as the tree grows, it becomes fruitful. It is a process that fits .. This is how life is balanced. “

The question is: How do we learn to embrace our emotions?
Osho believes that all a person needs is to listen to oneself.
“Listen to yourself .. it always sends you hints, like a small inner voice. It does not scream at you, but it is always right. If you listen a little, you will be able to hear your inner voice. Responsibility to be yourself with everything and whatever, risking everything in order to be yourself, this is called maturity!
Osho believes that sadness belongs to the person himself and is an opportunity to delve into his feelings in order to understand them. Instead of superficial happiness, sadness gives you a different depth … silence that gives you an opportunity to explore yourself …
All these negative emotions that we feel are better to accept, absorb, and work on resolving them than rejecting and suppressing them or avoiding confronting them.

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