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Association Message

The Financial and Legal Experience House Association has the honor to invite you to participate with us because of your excellent and honorable presence in the Egyptian market, hoping for fruitful cooperation, content with the extent of your capabilities to support and challenge us in achieving the desired goals for us as a class of society enjoying the advantages offered by the association on the professional and public levels. In the event that the association is established, we have set in mind a basic goal, which is to serve the profession and advance it, as well as provide everything that needs a mechanism for those who profess this profession. Therefore, we have defined our field of activity, which is

1- Scientific and cultural services.
2- Social services for members and work to develop this through.

First: Defining the accountant’s mission in the community by conducting studies and research while enabling the association’s members to fulfill their mission in building the new society.
Second: Deepening the inherent values ​​of the Egyptian people in the souls of the members and organizing the utilization of the energies of the association members by developing and organizing projects and programs that serve the goals of society and contribute to the process of social construction.
Third: Promote the educational and cultural level of the Egyptian accountant, exchange experiences between Egyptian accountants and accountants in the Arab world, and provide scientific means to raise the financial level of citizens.
Fourth: The participation of the association’s members in developing financial standards and auditing, following up on the latest scientific developments, and using the best means that help the Egyptian accountant to absorb everything new in the world of accounting.
Fifth: Supporting the right of association members to express their opinions, prove themselves, and solve problems they encounter.
And that by taking care of all scientific, cultural, social, religious and entertainment aspects, as follows:

First in the scientific and cultural field
1- Holding financial conferences and scientific meetings in various branches of accounting.
2- Participation in the scientific conferences held in Egypt and the Arab world.
3- Inviting scientific bodies and accountants in the Arab world to attend conferences and meetings held by the association in Egypt.
4- Opening new dealings markets in all activities and fields.
5- Carrying out scientific visits and trips inside and outside Egypt to get acquainted with the scientific development in the financial and accounting aspects taking place in the countries of the world and try to apply it in Egypt.
6- Displaying scientific films and disseminating financial and tax information by various technical means.
7- Producing scientific programs that help achieve the association’s objectives in various media.
8- Contributing to the national call to Arabize auditing and accounting standards in order to raise the scientific level of the Egyptian accountant.
9 – Discussing the scientific problems of certified accountants and students of colleges of commerce and trying to find appropriate solutions to them.
10- Holding exhibitions of accounting books, periodicals, and the most important laws and executive instructions.
11- Using modern scientific methods and computers in the accounting profession.
12- Establishing a scientific library, an information center, and a department of knowledge in the various branches of accounting.
13- Issuing scientific journals and books in various branches of accounting.
14- Providing the most recent accounting programs.
15 – Addressing the issues facing taxpayers and participating in the campaign to organize tax evasion to eliminate the problem of tax evasion.
16- Establishing accounting offices.

Secondly in the social and religious field
1- Taking care of the members healthily with establishing their own clinics and hospitals.
2- Contributing to solving members’ problems by researching them and proposing appropriate solutions to them.
3- Establishing a social club for the members.
4- Providing the opportunity for members of the association wishing to perform the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages through trips organized by the association for this purpose.
5- Contributing to the establishment of summer trips in all tourist areas while ensuring special service.
6- Contributing to and supporting loan applications from banks.
7- Contribute to effectively solving the housing crisis.
8- Holding networking parties, reviving social events, and organizing recreational trips to consolidate the bonds of love and brotherhood among the association members.
This is in addition to what distinguishes us is that we should not burden you with the high financial burden, as we are the most aware of the poor economic situation that we, from this site, make several attempts to reform and skip. Therefore, we took care in determining membership fees to be accessible to everyone seeking to participate in building Homeland and community.

The Magician Program

The program index includes the following: –
Tax department
1 – Tax laws.
2 – Explanatory instructions.
3- Executive instructions according to each activity.
4 – Customer data based on the interest – examination – reservation.
5 – Court rulings according to each activity.
6- Appeal committees’ decisions according to each activity.

Department of Accounting
General accounts – currency rates – assets – depreciations – cost centers – checks – receipts – receipts – exchange receipts – warehouse bonds and entries – item balances – warehouse transfers – inventory – items movement – barcode – operating orders – items components – customers – sales – sales representatives – Areas – Cars – Deliveries – Shipping – Quotations – Exchange Bills – Points of Sale – Barcode – Sales Returns – Suppliers – Purchase Invoices – Purchase Orders – Import – Documentary Credits – Procurement Returns – Project Management – Operations and Installation Costs – Subcontractors – Abstracts.

Training Course C&P

Our main goal is to support and improve our economy and contribute to building a strong and solid economic structure. We found ourselves thinking how we could achieve this in light of the deadly economic recession in which we live not only in Egypt but throughout the entire Arab world. Effective and constructive studies to achieve economic recovery.
However, what we dream of will not come except by exploiting all the energies available to us and that God granted to us, and since our economy depends primarily on human energy, so here is the starting point, so we must strive to prepare human energy in order to create a generation capable of challenges, equipped with the latest technology of the era and its technologies, known How can he volunteer himself to build his country? This generation must be prepared and equipped.
Here begins our role as an active part in society. We must present what we have benefited from in terms of knowledge and practical experience. The Center of Financial Expertise is not in a progressive sense, it is the window to the future. We have worked hard to prepare the house in line with the requirements of the age and start laying the foundation stone to prepare a generation of distinguished thinkers Those who are enthusiastic about building their homeland and are able to give through the weapons of science and technology that they supply with them from the weapons of science and technology, as the financial forces are the second basis in the economic construction, so integration between both human energy and material forces must be done together through knowing how to invest, develop, maintain and manage them in an integrated manner and achieve the goals What was desired in light of scientific inclusiveness, this was what we had in mind when developing the scientific material that we will study to become the mainstay for building a generation of competent cadres in all fields, through the elite of the most prominent experts in the field.
We make you able to meet and successfully overcome difficulties
* So you can reach the accounting experience.
* To be tax skillful.
* In order to be a successful reviewer.
* In order to know the secrets of the banks.
* The stock exchange and the financial indicators that govern it.
* And if you want the way to be a different manager.
* And if you are seeking to know the procedures regulating institutions.
* And if you want to volunteer the latest and most powerful technology of the era.
* If you want to know what human resources are.
* In addition to obtaining internationally accredited certificates.

Offer you C&P:
Theoretical and practical courses in one and in all fields (accounting courses – tax courses – audit courses – courses in financial markets – courses in value-added and marketing – courses in administration and secretarial – distinct computer courses – cpa-cma-cia-cmp.