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Legal Services

We provide you with all legal services in all cases related to the following courts

Pre-emption – Mortgage – Privilege – Compensation – Agency – Mortgage – Privilege – Compensation – Endowment – Al-Hukr – Waiver of Lease Contract – Finished Lease – Extension of the Lease Contract for Apartments and Shops – Subletting – Non-Payment of Rent – Maintenance and Restoration Expenses – No Rent Radhi Agricultural – Validity and Enforcement of Sale Contract – Execution – Real Estate Registration Procedures and In-Kind Register Industrial Models Registration – Compensation Cases.

Checks – trust receipts – forgery – fraud – theft – electricity theft – commercial fraud – beatings – construction without a license – customs evasion – indecent act – insult – slander – military courts – absconding from military service – protection of intellectual property copyright rights – cases Publishing.

Money laundering – public money crimes – bribery – drug crimes – money investment – tax evasion – illicit gain – the Socialist Public Prosecutor and the Attorney General and everything related to criminal law.

Miscellaneous issues: –
Human rights, women and children issues – Nationality issues – Police officer disciplinary boards – Labor issues

Commercial lawsuits and bankruptcy – stock exchange – investment disputes – and everything related to economic courts

Personal Status
Divorce – divorce – khula – alimony – vision – custody – obedience – marital home – list of marital movables.Personal Status

Corporate Services

Corporate services are among the most important services that the office provides, which is represented in the establishment of companies of all kinds, whether individual companies, whether insurance or financial intermediation.

Supervision and Follow Up Services
Where we provide our customers with different systems of follow-up and supervision aimed at protecting the interests of the company with its clients by preparing and reviewing contracts concluded between the company and its clients.

Monetary Companies Services
Preparing and approving ordinary and extraordinary assemblies Preparing and approving the minutes of the board of directors Approving the administrative decisions of the limited liability companies Amending contracts and statutes Merger / division / changing the legal form / liquidation Increasing capital, whether the licensee or the exporter of all kinds of increase Approval of export / import invoices Work permits / visas Residence / Evaluation work for the purpose of changing the legal form / Merger / division / Increasing the capital in kind. Registration of branches of foreign companies in the commercial register or striking it off

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