Management services - FLEH

Management services

Consulting Management
(Internally – Externally)

We establish and develop administrative departments and control them based on the management plans of the companies and the establishment.

Human Resource Management

We work through specialists in the Financial and Legal Expertise House to provide many services related to human resources departments by providing the following services that are specially designed for the company requesting the service based on the work team’s reading of the real need to be applied:
1. Developing the human resources strategy and plans.
2. Development of human resources policies and procedures
3. Evaluate and determine the real need for cadres in the short, medium and long term for companies.
4. Establishing a mechanism to attract, select, and employ the appropriate cadres for the companies ’needs.
5. Designing and implementing job performance evaluation, improving employee performance, and facilitating the career development process.
6. Evaluating and re-writing job descriptions and analysis in companies to ensure compatibility of professional competencies and existing jobs.
7. Training and development of employees to continuously improve their skills and raise their performance levels.