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People who did not complete their university education and were able to become one of the most powerful, wealthy and influential personalities in the world due to their foray into the field of technology.
Each of them has his own empire that he established over many years with his fatigue and patience. Each of them has an independent and amazing success story, and books that tell their stories of struggle, we listed some of them in this blog, and the other has not yet come his turn .. Let’s read quickly of these according to Forbes magazine.
1- Bill Gates – $ 79.2 million
According to the American company Forbes, he occupied the throne of the richest people in the world for more than 15 years, he founded Microsoft in 1975 with his partner (Paul Allan), and the main reason behind Microsoft’s sweeping success was the Windows operating system that entered every home, Bill Gates is now dedicated to charitable activities in the name of His association, which he founded with his wife.
2- Larry Ellison – $ 50 billion
Founder and CEO of Oracle, which produces large-scale programs and databases for companies and banks, and has purchased Oracle in the past 8 years more than 50 companies, most notably Sun and Sibel.
3- Jeff Bezos – $ 47.8 billion
CEO of the most famous global shopping site on the Internet –, and it is the sixth site in the world in terms of the number of visits, visited daily by more than 40 million people.
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