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Because of our keenness on the interest of our customers, we are pleased to offer twenty years of experience and other services provided by the House of Financial and Legal expertise to our dear clients, which always reach the best results.

The income tax system in the Arab Republic of Egypt began with the issuance of Law No. 14 of 1939, and in 1949 Law No. 99/1949 was issued, and radical changes took place overnight that had economic and social repercussions on society, and ended with the nationalization of most institutions that practice economic activities at the same time Some opinions called for a shift to a unified tax system, similar to economically developed countries, and thus society suffered from a lot of repression in tax treatment, moreover, the management of economic activities that were poured into the hands of a group of officers, most of whom lacked personal motivation To achieve professional success and were promoted to the top of the hierarchy as a result of editing, the job graduated and not necessarily based on their qualifications or managerial abilities, and therefore people had to bear the consequences of administrative failure. To face this deterioration, the government had to pass Law No. 187 of 1993, in which accounting firms had a major role to play.
But with the continuous clash between the taxpayer and the tax authority, which leads to a decrease in the tax authority’s ability to collect their taxes in a timely manner, Law No. 91 of 2005 was issued to abolish Law No. 157 of 1981 by introducing some advantages that confirm some credibility, such as making the highest tax class 20% instead of 40% and other benefits, and this helps to define the role of accounting firms and the services they provide.

General Tax Services
• We prepare and submit the tax declaration according to the approved financial statements for the fiscal year of each year.
• Attending the examination of the commercial profits tax to end the disputes that may arise, God forbid, and the remarks and respond to inquiries.
• In the event of a dispute between the company and the competent tax office, our office will study the situation and represent the company before the internal committees and appeal committees and prepare defense notes to reach the best results and reduce the tax burden on the company.
• And all other operations related to general taxation.

VAT Services
• Our professional services that we will provide to your esteemed company in the field of value added taxes are as follows:
• Assist the company in preparing the monthly tax return.
• Attending the tax examination to end the disputes that may arise, God forbid, at all levels.
• Helping the company to obtain the value-added tax that it has paid from its own resources on behalf of clients by seeking to the Commission to address these authorities to urge them to pay any amounts due.
• Seek with the authority to find out if there are any sums that have been collected through the National Investment Bank and the company has not been notified of it.
• Providing technical advice related to tax in the contracts concluded by the company.
• Assisting the company in preparing defense notes related to tax at all levels and levels of litigation authorities.
• Providing all technical advice and responding to all company inquiries in the field of tax.
• And all other operations related to value added tax.

Payroll Tax Services
We will direct the company’s attention to how to take advantage of the tax and legal exemptions in order to reduce the tax burden as much as possible on the company’s employees.
We will, at the end of the fiscal year, do the following:
• Preparing and reviewing the reconciliation statements prepared by the company to ensure the correctness of the tax calculation and the matching of the total wages mentioned in the reconciliation statements with the total wages received in the company’s account.
Ensure that all taxes due, based on the tax settlements prepared by the partners, have already been paid on their due dates.
• Presenting tax settlements to the tax authority and explaining how to prepare these settlements to the officials during the tax examination.
Review the examination report prepared by the tax authority, study it, respond to the notes contained therein, and prepare any data or analyzes in light of this study
• Preparing the appeal memorandum based on what was stated in the examination report and submitting it to the internal committee and appeal committees, and the committee’s discussion of the points of disagreement in order to reach the best possible results of reducing the tax burden on the company as much as possible.
• And all other processes related to payroll tax.

خدمات ضريبه الخصم والاضافه
إعداد ومراجعة كشوف التسويات المعدة بمعرفة الشركة للتأكد من صحة حساب الضريبة ومطابقة إجمالي التعاملات الواردة بكشوف التسويات مع إجمالي التعاملات الواردة بحساب الشركة.
التأكد من أن جميع الضرائب المستحقة من واقع التسويات الضريبية التي تم إعدادها قد تم سدادها بالفعل في مواعيدها القانونية .
تقديم التسويات الضريبية إلي مصلحة الضرائب وشرح كيفية إعداد هذه التسويات للمأموريه أثناء الفحص الضريبي

Services to Develop the State’s Financial Resources
• Determining the priority subject to law No. 147 of 1984 and its amendments on the basis of the base taken to link the specific tax, its calculation, and its payment with the original tax upon submitting the company’s annual declaration.
• As for workers, they submit their annual returns to the competent tax office within two months of the year’s end date.

Stamp Tax Services
• We attend the tax examination, receive forms and file objections.
• Preparing and processing data and documents, and the attendance of internal committees and appeal committees.
• Preparing notes to reach the best results.
• And all other processes related to stamp tax.

Accounting and Auditing

It is a set of technical steps and methods that can be followed to record, classify data, and inputs, and it also includes processes that explain changes in economic events and financial information that managers, investors and tax authorities use in making their decisions, which aim to distribute the resources available in the institutions , And companies well and efficiently.
It can be said that accounting is a science concerned with measuring and explaining financial activities, by disclosing the available financial information through preparing them in lists for specific periods of time, often quarterly, so accounting is called the language of business.
First: We must define the duties of the accountant: One of the main responsibilities of the accountant is to answer the questions of the owners of the institution and the administrators about the results of his activities, the financial situation of the project and how to formulate the balance sheet, whether the financial period ends with profits or losses and whether the institution is able to fulfill its commitment towards its owners and competitors, whether The institution has been liquidated or whether funds are sufficient to meet these obligations, at least in the short term. In order for the answer to be credible, it must be preceded by certain actions taken by the chartered accountant.

Based on maintaining a group of top-level accountants to assist in the financial management of client activities, including the following:
1- Establishing account books, registering and certifying them by authentication bodies according to the law.
2- Ensuring the legality of expenses and revenue documents in terms of form and content.
3- Create the required journal for the company and technical accounting guidance for it.
4- Analyzing financial information.
5- Commitment to the general books of accounts in accordance with the accounting standards.
6- Maintaining the internal audit.
7- Adherence to the sub-ledgers approved by the tax authority.
8- Preparing financial reports, approving the balance sheet and presenting it to the owners, in addition to financial indicators and charts.
9- All other accounting operations.

Preparing and Designing the Accounting System
Preparing the accounting system in line with the nature of the establishment’s activity and in a way that achieves efficiency in performance and protects the interests of the facility from the dangers of fraud, errors, deviation from procedures and violation of the established policies, in addition to completing the accounting registration in accordance with the generally accepted accounting rules, and the accounting organization covering all aspects of the company’s business in relation to its operations An impact on the financial aspects to be used in its various operations necessary to manage the activity of the facility.
The accounting system includes the following main components:
• Book group and accounts directory.
• Documentary collection and a copy of the various forms to be used in various operations.
• The operations cycle of the main activities in the facility.
• Internal control and the most important procedures to be followed.
• Evaluating the employees of the financial administration to ensure the availability of people who are scientifically qualified and have an appropriate amount of experience to allow the application of the system, it is accepted that the performance and success of a system depends on the efficiency and honesty of those in charge of its implementation.

Auditing and Supervision of Accounting
• The scope of our work includes accounting supervision in covering the financial activities in the facility and periodic follow-up to verify the validity of the results and to follow the generally accepted accounting rules to achieve the correctness and accuracy of the results extracted from the accounting records, and it also includes the following points:
• Reviewing the internal control system to ensure that it is being followed and that its procedures are correct.
• Supervising the validity of accounting guidance.
Ensuring that the accounting system is implemented and working through it.
• Verifying the implementation of the accounting system and working through it.
• Supervising the maintenance of books, accounting records and financial reports.
• Conducting the necessary tests to achieve our mission and validate the results.
• Submitting a report that includes weaknesses that grow to our knowledge through supervision and providing our recommendations in this regard.
• Reviewing the import cost of imported consignments, taking into account customs duties, expenses, bank commissions, administrative expenses of the Ministry of Economy, and the expenses for customs clearance as well as calculating the added or calculated value of the sales tax, with the aim of determining the appropriate price for the costs.

Feasibility studies

It is the process of gathering information about a proposed project and then analyzing it to see the feasibility of its implementation, and to reduce the risks and profitability of the project.
Therefore, it is necessary to know the extent of the success of this project or its loss compared to the local market and its needs, and then expect the companies’ ability to remain as a profitable business company during a specific period of time.
Good preparation for economic feasibility is one of the most important steps in the success of projects. The success and effectiveness of projects depend in the first place on proper planning, and careful planning is the main pillar on which the expected financial return depends on the project. Hence the need for what is known as economic feasibility.

Feasibility Study Services

Contents of the feasibility study

* Marketing feasibility study
Description of the commodity market that the project will produce.
Study the demand for the commodity that the project will produce.
Pricing the commodity that the project will produce.
Sales forecasting.

* Technical feasibility study
Determine the size of the project.
– Choose the project site
– Determine the costs of establishing and establishing the project
– Determine the timetable for implementation of the project
Determine the age of the project
Deciding whether the feasibility study is to be completed or discontinued

* Financial feasibility study
Estimating investment costs
Estimating running costs
– Evaluate the sources of investment financing
What is the financial value of one unit of the total obtained?
Estimating the net present value
Estimating the ratio between benefits and costs
Estimating the internal rate of return
– Estimate the emergency reserve

* Economic feasibility study
– Measuring the economic return of the project for the country where the activity is located
– Estimating the value of shadow prices that reflect the real economic value of the modified values, whether they are for cost or revenue components

* Social feasibility study
– The impact of the project on creating new job opportunities, how many jobs will the project require, and how much regular employment is there
– The impact of the project on income distribution in favor of low-income social groups
– If the product of this project is to serve low-income social groups

* Environmental feasibility study
Determine the environmental issues that will be caused by the project and estimate their actual cost
– To suggest mechanisms to reduce damages arising from the implementation of the project
– The environmental impact assessment of the project helps in selecting alternative sites in case the environmental impact of preserving the environment increases

* Sensitivity analysis for projects
– The project’s sensitivity to increasing costs
– The sensitivity of the project to delaying the implementation period
– The sensitivity of the project to the low prices of the project product
The project’s sensitivity to low production


We help you to obtain financing from banks, with the submission of a feasibility study and the establishment of the company, which helps you to expand your activity, whether industrial or commercial – service.


Extracting Licenses
We carry out all licensing procedures in all fields (factories – restaurants – shops – services … )

Establishing Companies
We establish companies, whether money or companies, individuals or individuals, in the fastest time and least cost, and to end all procedures related to the establishment and receipt of the tax card and commercial register.

Drafting Contracts
Preparing and drafting various contracts and documenting them in the real estate month or in the courts according to the vision of the owners of property rights, whether those contracts are related to agreements, sale and purchase, establishment, amendment, termination or exit from companies.

Other Services
Issuing the industrial registry and obtaining the required approvals.
• Termination of all procedures related to the Construction and Building Union with regard to raising the category shared by the company in the event that the documents are available for that
• Finalizing the procedures for subscribing to the health insurance for the facility’s workers and extracting health cards for them with specifying the date for the medical examination

Insurance and Labor Offic
Social Insurance Authority
• Finalizing all procedures related to employee insurance, submitting and approving Form (1) insurances
• Finalizing all procedures related to terminating employee service, submitting and approving Form (6) insurances
• Submit 2 insurance form annually
• Finalizing the procedures for settling dues and scheduling them with the Social Insurance Authority
• Termination of the procedures for disbursing pension and compensation for workers in the event that the conditions for entitlement are met
• Helping and assisting in preparing, preparing and arranging files with all the documents required from a contracting contract or assignment order, and an assessment of the works, including quantities and categories, and the duration of the execution of the process (start date, and end date approved by the assigning authority, in order to determine the wage rates for workers in the field of construction work, transportation, quarries, and salts. And all kinds of companies.

Labor Office
• Preparing and drafting work contracts in accordance with the provisions of Labor Law No. 12 of 2003 in order to accurately define all the duties of the worker as stipulated in the articles of the law to ensure that the worker will implement them with determining the benefits that the worker receives from the company.
Reviewing the company’s personnel files, clarifying weaknesses and deficiencies, and treating them to comply with the provisions and articles of Law 12 of 2003
• Attending sessions at work offices on behalf of clients.
Providing all consultations related to workers and their problems inside or outside the company in all government departments.
Import and export: We complete all import and export procedures and commercial agents with the termination of all required licenses and all that is related to the import and export card.

Import and Export
We complete all import and export procedures and commercial agents with the termination of all required licenses and all that is related to the import and export card.

Experience and Valuation

Valuation / Liquidation / Insolvency Creditor Secretary – Agent –
The Financial and Legal Expertise House has a team of professional appraisers and evaluators, accredited by certified accountants and registering auditors, and specialists in assessing assets and liabilities.
Our long experience in this field and the diverse group of our clients have made us excel in evaluating all businesses, either valuing an enterprise’s assets or appraising / appraising (all) companies of all kinds.
In addition, our role extends to dealing with liquidation of companies (regardless of type), and legal custody / guardianship.
In this case, we become the guardian of these companies in front of their creditors and act on their behalf. We issue liquidation accounts which are legal document of the company after the evaluation process is completed.
Moreover, the Financial and Legal Expertise House uses its expertise, skills, and the expertise of its staff members to find solutions to problems and alternatives to help economic companies get out safely from the bankruptcy crisis.


Our clients who export or import goods (from abroad) will definitely need some or all of the services provided to them by the Financial and Legal Expertise House.

Customs Clearance
Over the past twenty years, we have worked in the field of customs clearance in many customs units (ports) and through all customs regulations, transit, refund, allowance / permission, temporary, free zone, exemptions, in bonds / excluded (confiscation) … etc. The experience of these many years assures you that your shipments will be better handled at customs as the correct customs tariff clause is applied to accept appropriate customs duties and avoid getting lost in the maze of claims and arbitration in order to save time and money.
What makes us different from others is the speed at which goods are shipped and cleared from customs.
We have numerous studies on tariffs, and we are committed to providing our customers with highly competitive shipping and clearance rates.
Our specialized customs settlements / adjustments department is able to make and finalize settlements – according to any customs regime – in order to preserve the rights and entitlements of our customers. As a result, we gained a good reputation in shipping and customs clearance in all Egyptian ports.

Customs Consulting
House of financial and legal expertise understands the fact that most customs-related problems (facing interested persons) can be avoided and resolved in advance and prior to dispatching the goods.
Therefore, we provide our customers with this type of service that helps them escape from such problems whose consequences are either paying fines or re-exporting the shipment.
We emphasize the importance of seeking our advice before shipping any new goods, as we pride ourselves on using our wealth of knowledge in this area to provide all our consultations regarding customs clearance costs and fees.
Our team of professional customs brokers (customs clearance brokers)
Available in every port in the country, we have great experience in finalizing customs formalities as soon as possible without any disputes or arguments.
The team also provides extremely high performance in releasing shipments with the help of an integrated data processing network system that facilitates the flow of information from us to our customers and vice versa through the customer service department and what’s more, our representatives are spread out in most of the country’s ports.
Our ability to recover money related to settlements, obstacles, temporary permits, and subsidies spent on exports (export subsidies) can be realized.
We dedicate ourselves to providing our customers with our prompt and lowest-cost services, as our first priority is serving our customers.
Which made us the best company in the field of customs clearance. In Port Said, Cairo, Alexandria, Damietta, Suez, and Sokhna ports.
With us your business is in safe hands and it does it perfectly.

Patents and Trademarks

The Financial and Legal Expertise House professionally participates in providing services related to patents, trademarks, industrial designs and copyright laws (copyright and printing law) and providing advice on intellectual property, as we are an authorized agent in the Commercial Registration Authority to register patents and trademarks on behalf of our clients.
We have a diverse range of clients from inventors to the largest multinational companies in the world.
Due to the relationship between the Financial and Legal Expertise House and almost all commercial representation offices in Egypt and the Arab world, we are fully prepared to respond to all the local and foreign requirements of our clients and meet their needs.
Our company name stands for who we really are.
The strength of the financial and legal expertise house is attributed to the experience gained by teamwork.
Our team includes many experts, members of organizations and advisory committees, as well as consultants from many publications and articles published.
We are pleased to be qualified to provide services tailored to our clients’ needs, including planning, designing, implementing and managing IP projects.
In addition, we provide all advisory services and respond to inquiries regarding laws governing intellectual property and offer solutions to overcome obstacles and difficulties that our clients usually face.